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RENETRA is aimed especially at chemical and petrochemical industries, water management, smelting and steel industries, power engineering and other general industrial applications. Our production assortment is follows all the actual market requirements.


Centrifugal pumping units API 610, API 685

Horizontal or vertical pumps are manufactured in compliance with API 610, API 685. For heavy duty applications: “oil and gas”, refineries and petrochemical industry. Also available in execution with a magnetic coupling..


QMAX = 2 900 m3/h
HMAX = 600 m


Centrifugal pumping units ISO 5199, ISO 2858

 The pumps are produced in compliance with ISO 5199, ISO 2858. They are intended to be used in the following processing applications: chemical, petrochemical and food industries. Other versions: with magnetic coupling for corrosive and dangerous media, with a heating jacket.



QMAX = 1 800 m3 /h
HMAX = 150 m



 Axially split spiral pumping units with a double intake impeller

Horizontal or vertical, axially split single-stage spiral pumps with a radial, double-intake impeller. High efficiency, Wide range of operation. Suitable for pumping clean or slightly polluted liquids with low viscosity. Also available as fire pump. 


Series: CDS, CDSV
QMAX = 25 000 m3/h 
 HMAX = 180 m


 Plastic centrifugal pumping units

Horizontal or vertical centrifugal plastic pumps. Suitable for difficult applications. Ideal for various industrial applications for pumping corrosive, toxic, sterile, and combustible liquids containing suspended particles or crystals. Also available with a magnetic coupling.



QMAX = 300 m3/h 
HMAX = 100 m


 Displacement gear pumps

 Self-priming displacement gear pumps with inner gearing used for pumping of viscous media in various areas of chemical and petrochemical industries, as well as for handling oils, paints, chocolate, etc. The pump has an inbuilt check valve. Other versions: with a magnetic coupling and a heating jacket.



 Series:MV, MVM
QMAX=360 m3/h
PMAX=25 bar



Centrifugal single-stage pumping units EN 733 /
DIN 24255


 Horizontal or vertical single-stage pedestal pumps. 29 basic sizes in accordance with EN 733 / DIN 24255 and other 30 extra sizes. Suitable for general industrial and public applications. Other versions: self-priming (with a vacuum ring), fire-fighting, monoblock, with a magnetic coupling


QMAX = 3 000m3/h 
HMAX = 140 m



 Centrifugal single stage in-line pumping units

 Centrifugal single stage in-line pumps with high efficiency, low NPSH, SPACER patented version. To be used for a variety of applications for industrial and public sectors with the requirement for small built-up areas. Also available in a self-priming version.


Series: CSN, CSNS
QMAX = 4 000 m3/
HMAX = 150 m




Self-priming centrifugal pumping units

Horizontal self-priming pumps. Two lines: for clean and for polluted liquids. Used as transfer, racking, delivery, neutralizing, circulation, suction pumps, etc. Specific pump sizes may draw in from up to 8 – 9 meters (physical limits). Also in version with a magnetic coupling.


 Series: CWS, CCS, CCSM
QMAX = 1 200 m3/h
HMAX = 150 m




Multi-stage high-pressure centrifugal pumping units

 Horizontal or vertical high-pressure pump for handling clean or slightly polluted liquids with low viscosity. Also available as self priming pumps and/or with a magnetic coupling.



 Series: CM, CMM, CMV, CMS
QMAX = 780 m3/h
HMAX = 1 250 m


Special single-stage centrifugal pumping units

 Horizontal or vertical single-stage centrifugal pumps for special and difficult applications. Used for pumping of raw industrial and waste liquids of all types, with the content of fibers in suspension, chemical and crystalline suspensions, corrosive and abrasive liquids, liquids containing gasses (up to 25%). For clean liquids also available in the version with an enclosed impeller.


 QMAX = 5 500 m3/
 HMAX = 140 m


Exhauster units and vacuum units

Liquid-ring air pumps for vacuum production in many industrial applications. These pumps are:
Standard: with partial or complete service circulation
Engineered: based on the specifications and requirements of a customer
Ecoseal: a complete vacuum unit oil recirculation system



QMAX = 30 000 m3/h
pMAX = 33 mbar


Process canned rotor pump

Horizontal or vertical pumping units with perfect tightness and zero emision of the pumped medium. Suitable for demanding applications for handling toxic, explosive or oder hazardous media. Suitable for pumping of active media - aplications in nuclear power engineering. From scriogenic temperatures (-200 0C) up to high - temperature aplications (+450 0C), high-pressure aplications 55 MPa. Various versions with a cooling or heating jacket.

Série: CSG
QMAX = 2400m3/h
HMAX = 750 m



Other products



Diaphragm pump

Diaphragm self-priming displacement pumps are suitable for many chemical substances: corrosive and chemically aggressive, with high and low viscosity, abrasive, sensitive to shearing, combustible, etc. Simple construction, dry run.  Series:  MP

Submersible sewage pumps

Single-stage centrifugal submersible pumps in mono-block execution. They can be used for pumping industrial and waste liquids. Motors can be performed in versions with or without a cooling jacket for wet or dry installation.   Series: SC

Screw pumps

Horizontal or vertical self-priming displacement screw pumps. These pumps are ideal for handling sludge, clayey media, viscous media, substances sensitive to shearing, two or three component substances or in areas with required high delivery head. Series: SP

Hose pumps

Hose self-priming displacement pumps are suitable for handling and dosing of low or high viscosity, mushy and abrasive compounds but they can also be used as vacuum pumps in areas with high evaporation.
Dry run.   Series: H

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